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Our Mission

We differentiate ourselves from all the other Australian VC by the fact that we come from startup and blockchain industry ourselves. We are tired of seeing that in Australia, only investments into bricks and mines are supported at any stage and anything other than that seems to be taboo.
It pains us to see that Australian founders are left to seek any sort of funding outside of our country. We have created this fund with a simple mission; to really support and nurture the spirit of Australian entrepreneurship thereby allowing our great know how to remain ours.
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Support innovative technologies

We invest in seed-stage projects that focus on the HR sector and leverage blockchain and digital assets.
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Building a next-generation HR ecosystem  

Chrono.Fund comes from a recruitment and blockchain background. We are committed to transforming the HR sector with new technologies.
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Helping Australian companies compete on the global stage

Australian entrepreneurs have limited opportunities to raise capital. We equip start-ups to scale and succeed, domestically and abroad.

We work with

Our financial and tech analysts produce comprehensive crypto market reports alongside with sharing important ideas and insights on financial data science and intelligent investing.

HR initiatives

Who work in the HR space and understand the opportunities for disruption
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Blockchain startups

Who see the advantages of integrating blockchain within their products
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Beyond financial investment

We always bring “smart money” in addition to funding your project, we can support you in a number of ways:
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Top level connections

We have access to a network of investors, influencers and expertise
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Technology expertise

We have a dedicated screening and support team at hand
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Introductions and support for later stages and rounds of funding
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Legal wrap

Dedicated legal wrap up of any project that we support
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We provide tools to deal with relevant government agencies in the space.
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Previous investments

Companies we have helped to succeed include:

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